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I've added much more to my poetry site because readers are more in number there. www.poetrypoem.com/poeticmama Thank-you for visiting,leave your heartprint please. In Christ Love;Pastor Linda

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My name is Pastor Linda Begley. On May 18th the Lord called me into ministry for a at home church. Actually it was the 3rd time I heard Him calling but I was in fear and delaying for a bit. I want to give Him the Glory for all I do !! He has laid on my heart to share sermons and poetry that is inspired by the Holy Spirit more than myself these days. If he leads us to it , He will help us through it, so I pray that all that stop in will be blessed and praise the Lord for His wonderful gifts of Love through poetry and messages given.The Lord literally highlighted in my bible the night He called me into the ministry. Mark 6:4 and ...My b-day  is 6:4 !! I am learning day by day that God is such a numbers man! I realized something the other day that totally had me in AWE....I realized right away...When my Mama passed away I was 33 and she was 55 and she died in 88 .Well also I was born in 55 and she was born in 33.So for some odd reason I thought, I wonder how old my eldest would be when I am the age of his birth which is 71...and he will be 55, then I thought well...I was the 4th child so I wonder how old  my 4th would be when I am 78 the year of his birth, and....he will be 55....Then...I figured the other 2 sons and everyone of my son's date of birth matches up to being the date of my birth when I am the age of their birth! The number 4 has been huge this year!(2007) And...I have 4 sons. I had been saved for 40 yrs. this year, and it was this year of being saved 40 yrs. that God called me into the ministry, and then it was 4 yrs. ago that my Jesus apparition appeared at my umbrella, and it was 400 yrs. ago that the cross was staked for dedicating America to God. Oh so many others I have noticed with the 4 in it but it just proves to me how God is so maticulous in His numbers, oh...and didn't the children of Israel take 40 yrs to walk around in the wilderness>As I had done before God called me. Also look at my age of 33 that I lost my Mama, grief beyond words and Jesus died at age 33 which was a huge sacrifice.Then when he arose again he walked the earth 40 days. Isn't it amazing when the Holy Spirit  reveals things like this, and when you get entuned it is limitless of the connections we can make with God's plans. It is an awesome journey and I look forward to each day to see what God is gonna reveal to me. I never know when or what it will be but it is like a gift waiting to arrive and open up :-) For 40 yrs. was I faithful?, NO...but He is faithful and never left me. I praise Him and give Him the glory for being the best Father a Girl could ever hope for...I am a daughter of the Most High King, I am in His royal family!! He will forever watch over me and daily I long to be closer to THEE.

 Isaiah 4:5. And Jehovah will create over the whole habitation of mount Zion, and over her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory shall be spread a covering. 6. And there shall be a pavilion for a shade in the day-time from the heat, and for a refuge and for a covert from storm and from rain. The Holy Spirit told me to share what He revealed to me that the umbrella was a symbol of His protection over me as well as in Insurance policies that you get an umbrella policy to cover your valuable possessions and He wants me to know my value to Him. Praise His Holy Name Forever!! I am nothing without Him this I know!

 Hallelujah....Praise Ye the Lord!! Lovingly In Christ;

Cancer has impacted a many of our lives. I have felt the brunt of it's grief from the loss of many loved ones in my family, My Mama died of pancreatic cancer.I have a link to the left side panel that each time someone clicks on it they are taken to the breast cancer site that once there just a click can pay for a mammogram for a woman that can't afford it. Sooner or later cancer of many kinds will have some impact on a life, Please take every opportunity you can to help save a life. Also take dove below.