Jesus Said :

If the Cross be

lifted up it shall

draw men unto me.

Praise You Jesus!


Tribute To : Arthur Blessitt and "The Cross"

(playing in a theater near you starting Mar.27,2009)


One step at a time he walked into his destiny

Ordained and called by God for this awesome life journey

There's something about a name and his is Arthur Blessitt

An anointed man of God guided by the Holy Spirit

 It was on Christmas day in the year of our Lord "1969"

 His journey of carrying the cross had painstakingly begun

Although he often wondered if he'd ever survive

Faithful was his God to protect his very life

 The obstacles and persecutions were oh -so -very- many

 Yet obedient he remained unto his God appointed journey

 Almost being killed and jailed his faith would not be shaken

For the glory of God in the cross this journey he'd be takin'

 God knew the heart of this precious humble man

 It was predestined for God to use him for His plan

To walk around the world into as many as 315 nations

 Lifting up the cross to proclaim God's gift of salvation

Never did he fathom a movie to be made of this

Yet God will use his story to bring yet more to Jesus

His miles on foot were over 38,000 breaking a world record

He knows his greatest reward is when God says;

"Well done... my good and faithful servant"

Arthur's journey will continue now by other means

Only God knows ...what or where and even when

 Nevertheless what God has planned he will surely do

No doubt it will be preaching the cross to others too

 Humble he'll remain as always giving God the glory

It is in God's plan to touch hearts by this man's story

 For there is still many souls out there that remain lost

 A way to draw men unto Jesus is lifting up the Cross

This man is so anointed in sharing the love of Jesus

Even his name has the word "bless" in it (can I get a witness!)

Nothing is by chance for a man used of God

The footsteps of a righteous man is ordered where to trod

Arthur I just want you to know,my heart you've really touched

Your contribution to the whole world means so very much

I feel such a connection each time I see you on T.V.

I'll either smile or cry from your awesome humility

 My precious brother in Christ I am challenged by you

To get the message to others with zeal like you do

Your sweet spirit has truly impacted my life and blessed me

 My prayer is that God will keep and bless you throughout eternity

 I've waited very long to see the premiere of "The Cross"

I haven't seen it yet but this page may bring others that's lost

 So not only is this a tribute to you my brother in Christ and friend

 It stands as an invitation for others to be blessed by also seeing


Yea....this weekend I get to see!

Jesus said:If The Cross be lifted up it shall draw men unto me

Lovingly In Christ; Pastor Linda Begley 3-27-09

For more info got to

You can also visit Arthur Blessitt's Official Website click pic below