Merry Christmas My Precious Cyber Friends
With this Holy season coming upon us is a New Year
I had to send a greeting full of love and Christmas cheer
I want you to know how very special you are to me
I anxiously await for your every email to see
Isn't it odd how a bond online can truly form
Even if out of sight I feel your heart so warm
We share our life with prayers if needed
We all rejoice when the devil is defeated
My friend you truly are a gift I keep in my heart
I felt a special bond with you from the very start
If I have a day that I may seem a bit low
Your email perks me right up with a smile aglow
There are so many of you that I can't speak each name
Nevertheless you're all special on my heartstring you'll remain
From different States and Countries some from far away
Praise God with just a click I can send blessings to you today
If by chance you don't hear from me and days may past
It's not because my thoughts of you daily don't last
Life just gets so busy and days are just flying by
But the love I have for each of you shall never ever die
I pray for your healing and your needs to all be met
I pray that you know my friend you're too special to forget
I pray that if you have a broken heart it will soon be mended
I pray that forever your life to God will be surrendered
For in the perfect will of God His angels will be near
To always watch over you keeping you from harm or fear
I speak health and happiness as I send this wish with love
And many of God's blessings to rain down on you from above
Now you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year
And I'll be watching for your email that brings me so much cheer
Please take this Christmas wish and claim it for your very own
For I single each of you out as the sweetest friend I've ever known.
Lovingly, Always In Christ ; Pastor Linda