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~*~Merry Christmas My Love ; From Above~*~
Please don't cry for me my love on Christmas
I'm in heaven celebrating the birthday of Jesus
 When you look and see that empty chair
Just know in spirit I am always there
 So when others speak of my absence dear
 Please let them know I'm forever near
 My leaving wasn't intended to make you cry
Someday we'll both share this mansion on high
 Remember all the Christmas' of past
Until we celebrate them together at last
 Please don't change things now that I'm gone
 Continue to celebrate for you're not alone
Share in memories that will always be
A lifetime legacy of life for you and me
Our lives forever will be inner twined
Forever your heart will beat with mine
Merry Christmas my precious love
 I send this message to you from above
 Each breath you take now is for you and me
 Continue my love with our life long legacy
 By; Pastor Linda Begley
Dedicated to all the spouses in pain over loss,
so many of you are already on my heartstring
and in my prayers.
God bless you and send ministering
angels to comfort you daily.