~Walking Daily With Jesus~


Walking Daily With Jesus
Early morning breathes the words
The Holy Spirit wants to be heard
Share the gospel night and day
Fear not little ones be not in dismay
For the love of Jesus comes as we pray
Developing our character day by day
Why is this important you say?
It's a matter of the heart and destiny
Making Jesus the Lord of your life
Will remove sorrow,pain and strife
Stay alert for wolves in sheeps clothes
The Holy Spirit entuned lets you know
This is why fellowship is a must
An intimate relationship with Jesus
No sweeter time can you spend
Than in the presence of your King
From the top of your head to the soles of your feet
His love will develope God's family
He longs throughout each passing day
Our drawing nearer to Him to communicate
By : Pastor Linda Begley
2-27-07 @ 4:30 am awoken