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Faith is the monumental foundation
For belief in God's gift of salvation
He sent His only begotten son
To die on the cross for everyone
Many will choose not to hear His voice
Ultimately this gift is one by our choice
Sadly there's many who won't believe
Trusting not in His redemption to receive
Faith comes by reading God's Holy Word
Also meditating on trusted teachings heard
It's impossible to please God without it
Another gift is guidance by the Holy Spirit
We must all continue to pray for mankind
Rebuking the devil for those he's made blind
Have faith they'll except Jesus before endtimes
Faith... in that no loved one will be left behind
Faith will work if we will work it
Walking not in the flesh but in the spirit
Please don't be spiritually anorexic
Leaving an opening for satan to wreak havoc
Trust in the anointed Christ our King
Mercy and grace he gives abundantly
Satan is the accuser and father of lies
Feed your spiritman for faith to arise
By; Pastor Linda Begley