A Godly Foundation Equals A Blessed Nation
Blessed be the nation whose God is Lord
Who searches out His every word
Never wavering or to this world conform
For the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord
"Religion" is for todays Pharisees
Implementing their own rules that are ungodly
God is wanting a personal relationship with man
To put His laws forth faithfully in love to understand
All mankind is His workmanship you see
Yet many remain to walk in the flesh of carnality
God has anointed many to share His truth
The message is from God,it's not us judging you
The devil is a liar and the accuser of the brethren
Unless one knows God's word they're void of understanding
God has so many principles in His doctrine for man
Besides His laws He gives a guide for government
The world says that church and state are to be seperate
I tell you the truth this wasn't God's original mandate
Our forefathers guided this nation by God's will
And God's laws and principles are the same still
We now have liberals removing God so abrupt
As our nation grows more defile and corrupt
For some reason many don't fear God these days
Claiming to be Christians yet His laws they turn away
The God I serve and His word does not change
His wrath will come upon the carnal man
As Jesus  stated "Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say"
He'll tell those " Depart from me, ye worker of iniquity "
Many are indirectly slapping God in the face
By outright abusing His loving mercy and grace
It's true he's a God of love and mercy
Yet He's not the creator of New Age and Scientology
He's not asking His ministers to give a sugar coated sermon
It's not to tickle ears but to reprove, renew , for sanctification
There's many anointed disciples with a gift of poetry
Like David in psalms not to judge but in truth to set free
My prayer is that none touch God's anointed ones
For they are the messengers of God for His kingdom
I pray that you'll know them by the fruit they bear
For it's the love of God that guides them to share
So whose platform are you standing on?
For it's a matter of life and death of our nation
God's ten commandments are His platform
And He warns us to the world NOT conform
By ; Pastor Linda Begley
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.