Greetings Dear Friends and Family ;
We're now coming into a brand  new year
I want to stop in with some New Year's cheer
I pray this New Year will bring many blessings to you
Filled with peace and love and happiness too
Each one of you are tied carefully upon my heart
Therefore words of love and appreciation I wish to impart
Every poetic verse shared whether near or far
Is to bring a smile to your face no matter where you are
From the heart it is written and on a lovely page displayed
In hopes to touch a heart and bring hope along the way
Nobody has to ever feel that they are all alone
For Jesus came to live in your heart's home
So as we come into this New Year I pray
That joy fills your heart in a very special way
By faith everyday will turn out the way we choose
So if life gives you lemons you know what to do
Make some lemonade and invite a friend to share
Handle each day with tender loving care
For it is said to make a friend you must be one
God bless you and may none of you ever feel alone
 May you have a blessed Happy New Year!!
1 Corinthians13:13(Amp) And so faith, hope, love abide [faith--conviction and belief respecting man's relation to God and divine things; hope--joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation; love--true affection for God and man, growing out of God's love for and in us], these three; but the greatest of these is love.
Lovingly In Christ ; Pastor Linda Begley