Happy Resurrection Day! He Lives!!!

Happy Resurrection Day!
(Yom HaBikkurim)

I'm giving glory to Jesus and not an Easter Bunny
I'm not conforming to this world of egg hunts for money
Some may call me a fanatic, that's okay I've been called worse
Look how they treated my Jesus with their "crucify him" words
It wasn't a bunny that died for me
It wasn't a bunny that set my soul free
It isn't a bunny that lives in me
It's all about Jesus resurrected you see
I was spiritually dying many years ago
I felt alone but nobody would know
My soul was troubled and in dispair
Nobody but Jesus is always there
I too fell for the world's money scam back then
Making it all about egg hunts and baskets and things
But as the Lord daily renews my mind
The Holy Holidays are to glorify my Savior Divine
The world has stolen enough from me
No longer will I be a part of forsaking thee
You my Lord Jesus deserves all the praise and honor
These words you gave me to speak and boldly go forward
No I won't be hushed when you give me a message
This is the year for revival and to also resalvage
Intended souls for the Lord hath done chosen
Tugging at hearts that the enemy has had frozen
Renew your minds and be mindful of the Cross
Don't take it for granted the paid in full cost
I praise my Hosanna....Hosanna the anointed one
For it is He not a bunny that deserves praise alone!!
Thank-you Jesus for the price you paid
If it took a lifetime this debt none could repay
But you my awesome Lord called it a free gift
A debt paid in full when all sin you will lift
I pray this year 2007 brings true victory
To all the world as well as Israel to be set free
Over 2000 Years ago the Lamb of God arose
Defeating the grave for all who will seek to know
May you and Yours give Glory to Jesus our sins he did purge
Jesus died for us so where did the Easter bunny emerge
If you would grasp these tricks and schemes are of the devil Then it won't be so easy to conform to the world's level
By; Linda Begley
Apr. 2007
A Passionate Poem Came over Me and although This is my feelings,
I was guided to research and was led to The True Origin Of Easter,
 So many are misled,I am not trying to impose my feelings on anyone,go and read it yourself and you will be enlighten as I was.
 Be blessed dear friends!! Update...Since this poem was written in 2007 I have been called into the ministry and the Holy Spirit has guided me to share a sermon on this.
" Truth About "Easter"  I have shared from different teachers and also what stirred in me last year now told in my sermon. Ultimately it is up for all of us to seek and find the truth to be set free.I pray that all who reads my sermon will hearken unto the word of the Lord,many scriptures are in the teaching. Sharing here now a year later on my Ministry Church site in 2008.  www.LindaBegley.com/TruthAboutEaster.html