~^~Hearken Unto Me~^~



 ~^~ Hearken Unto Me ~^~
This Poem was given to my spirit as I was awaken
Sat.morning at  8am  on 7-30-05
I give you visions as you sleep
For your soul on earth to keep
Soon the day shall be done
When you enter into heaven
Do not toil or waste anytime
For I am your Lord and Savior divine
Continue to pray both day and night
Rebuking the enemy from your sight
This indeed I shall delight
Call on my children everywhere
Let them know daily I truly care
Do not toil the days draw nigh
When you shall see me in the sky
In the beginning I created earth
Do you not know the extent of your worth?
Thou shalt rise above all nations
Hearken...unto them can be salvation
copyright 7-30-05
By;Linda Begley
(Now... Pastor Linda Begley)
as I had said I was awaken but after only 4 hours of sleep.
Then one morning while getting ready for church the Holy Spirit said; "For a time such as this I have called you to read "Hearken Unto Me" to the church. I came into the library to find it and print it up from my site, when much to my amazement and confirmation it was exactly 1 year to the day that He had breathed the poem to me to pen out. Also on postcards I had written scriptures one day in study and fellowship and He reminded me to take those also to share with this poem. I must find them to share also ,on this soon.
The more I read this poem, the more I wonder if it wasn't as far back as then He was calling me into ministry?

Thank-you Lord for your given word