My People Perish

for lack of knowledge

I am sharing this from an email I received from Michael Rood Ministries


Israel's home defense command has scheduled a nationwide test of their air-raid warning sirens on April 8 - which according to the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar (AACBHC) will be the first day of the New Year - Biblical Rosh HaShannah - Aviv 1, 2008.  This test will occur two days after the Rosh Kodesh (head of the month) incorrectly calculated on the modern Jewish calendar.  We always watch for prophetically significant events to occur on significant dates on the Creator's Calendar.  Since Isaiah's prophesied "Covenant with Death" was annulled on the day scheduled by Heaven - before sundown, September 28, 2001 - and was accurately calculated 6 months in advance, it conclusively established the validity of the restored Creator's calendar as the foremost prophetic tool of this generation.  Those who obediently look to the heavens to determine the Times and Seasons of the Most High will never be ashamed.


Preceding the Israeli Defense Command siren test, Israel's security cabinet convened Wednesday, April 2, and decided to redistribute the bio/chemical warfare masks that were called in a few months ago.  DEBKAfile's military sources disclosed intelligence data indicating the possibility that Syria may transfer chemical or biological warheads from its arsenal to the Hizballah.  Damascus officials are claiming that Israel is preparing for a big attack on Syria and Hizballah.  Syria is reported to have ordered a partial call-up of its military reserves.  DEBKAfilereports that Damascus has placed its missile units on alert after deploying two armored brigades on the Beirut-Damascus highway last week.  They were purportedly posted there to block the road in case Israeli armored columns attempted to reach Damascus through Lebanon.


We shall hear of wars and threats of war (terrorism) but we are commanded to "Fear Not - all these things MUST come to pass."  We, who are not ignorant of the Creator's Times and Seasons, diligently watch His calendar for significant events in His prophetic schedule.  If the thermonuclear destruction of Damascus is going to occur in the seventh month of 2010 as is indicated by the calculations detailed in The Jonah Code seminar, we are going to see the groundwork laid this year as the economic collapse ensues and nations continue to line up on the wrong side of the line in the sand.  The Almighty will not be mocked, but will have His day of respect in the eyes of every nation that fights against His covenant with Abraham. 


Order your personalized and autographed copy of The Creator's Calendar for the upcoming New Year, which begins at sundown (Jerusalem time) April 8, 2008.  Order by phone (616-528-0200) or online today.  There is only one Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar on the planet - and the charts and articles concerning the restoration of the Creator's original reckoning of time that are included in this year's calendar are worth the decades it took to restore what was lost in antiquity.  If the events of the next decade take you by surprise - don't blame the Creator.  We have been forewarned.  Ignorance of the Creator's Times and Seasons is no longer an excuse.


Shalom in the midst of trouble. . .


Michael Rood