Loneliness Is A Feeling,  Jesus Came to Heal Them
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Praises be to GOD that he shall see us through,
Remember when you are down hearted...
 He'll send ministering angels to watch over you
So don't give the devil a right to insert a spirit of depression,
Jesus came that you could live in the fullness of His salvation
He loves you and so does your family and friends,
 Reach out to those that love you and keep your eyes upon Him  
The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy
Rebuke him and don't allow him  to steal your joy
God hath sent a comforter for all time
Get in the good book and feed on life
What the enemy meant for bad,God will turn around for good
Know he'll never leave nor forsake you
He has come that you may have life more abundant
So let the devil know you are putting on the God's armour
No more shall he have control of your thoughts
For you are putting on the righteousness of God
Peace that surpasses all understanding
When you walk with the Lord and obey His commandments
Claim the inheritance and promises too
For Jesus came to save and deliver you
As long as we are in this life
We'll have trials, tribulation, and strife
This is for growth if we faint not
So trust in the Lord both day and nite
Giving no place for the enemy to creep into your mind
Then someday with family we'll reunite
For he hath prepared a place for all that trust in Him
Faint not child of God for He will return again
Remember that loneliness is a feeling
Jesus came that He could comfort and heal them

By ; Pastor Linda Begley