Every Good Thing ...

comes From GOD!

Praise His Majesty!!


Gifts Designed By His Majesty

(sharing this lovely plaque by Helena)

 The sunshine is here and the birdies appear

I love to watch them upclose and near

They love basking in their lil' pool

While singing a sweet melody or two

The sunshine brings so much glory

Rewriting yearly God's creative story

It just sets the mood to be full of cheer

I myself am so delighted it's here!

The glory of God in all it's splendour

I'd much rather have summer than winter

Although his beauty is displayed year round

I enjoy seeing my flowers pop from the ground

I_ along with His creatures sing praises to Him

For all the beauty He never fails to send

My very own little oasis is so dear to me

All honor and glory goes to the majestic King

Right outside my door the beauty greets me

Along with kisses brought from His breeze

I am so thankful and my heart overflows

I want to sing His praises for all the world to know

He has given all seeds to plant and reap

The majesty like garden of eden I'll keep

For a sign hangs outside for all to see

It reads "To God Be The Glory" 

Hallelujah come join with me

Singing praises to Our King

I could not imagine a barren land

I love the gifts designed by His hand

Pastor; Linda Begley

May 24,2008

Psalm 37 : 4

Delight thyself also in the LORD:

and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.