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God Bless and know we are
God's workmanship to bring ...

help and healing...

 to a hurting world.

~*~In The "Nick" Of Time~*~
 (In loving Memory of Nicholas Benjamin Hutsen) 1991~2009

 In the "Nick of time" is a new organization
 Being birthed in the memory of another son taken
 A life destroyed after earlier being sexually abused
To dull the pain drugs he began to use
On August 11,2009 his thoughts became his demise
 The enemy claimed another youth by his clever disguise
 But what the devil meant for bad God will turn around
Through the death of Nicholas The "Nick of Time" was found
God will not waste one single hurt or pain
 He'll use it for His good and purpose to gain
Thus birthing through a Mother a needed ministry
Reaching out to other youths and troubled teens
In these endtimes drugs and alcohol impact many lives
Causing thoughts to manifest losing hope to survive
 The devil loves these tools to alter minds
For his mission is to seek and devour at all times
Through Anita Ayers Ministry a Sister ministry is birthed
Coming together Debbie Nelis and Anita doing God's work
 As well as making the death of Nicholas to not be in vain
 Through love and support other young lives can be saved
I doubt there's anyone that drugs or alcohol hasn't affected
Won't you open your heart today for no longer can it be neglected
 Precious lives are at stake for the enemy wants to take
 If drugs or alcohol has affected you a donation I pray you'll make
There's no donation that is considered small
 With the exception of no donation given at all
 If you have a home church and each person gives a dollar
Whether weekly or monthly God's work you will honor
As well as the life of Nicholas and many others
 Gone way too soon from childhood pain or addiction never to recover
We can all be a part of saving our youth
By having compassion and being a doer of the truth
Lovingly In Christ ; Pastor Linda Begley

 Led by the Holy Spirit to carry this message in hopes to open eyes and hearts to the awareness of needed organizations for troubled teens. God bless you and know even passing this message on is planting a seed and perhaps helping to save a life
This is the you-tube video of Debbie,mother of Nick and her heart cry for hearts to open up for this much needed organization being the hands and feet of Jesus to help heal the hurting souls of our youth today.
(Note...the url seems to be wrong,will try to get it fixed please try back again soon,in meantime please visit Anita's site or send an uplifting email to Debbie,God will bless you for it ! ) 

 Please feel free to post this poem/message on your site with information for love,support and or donation. You can also go to Anita Ayers Ministry by logging onto or clicking link below.

My baby brother goes to Anita's old home church and I was blessed to visit while Anita was in town and sit under the powerful anointing God has poured out on her. I myself have gone through pain and much suffering due to family and loved ones being under the influence of substance abuse and felt the pain and heartache of both mine and others loss as well . It must not be neglected no longer,we are God's feet and hands here on earth and we can make a difference.