~*~When The Party's Over~*~




   Now that the party is over

How do you really feel?

    Did you think that in someway

  It would numb the  pain to be still?



The principalities are out to rob your soul

Of enlightenment of real joy to make you whole

There is no lasting antidote to take the pain away

Except the power of the blood when you seek and pray


The devil is the father of lies and is busier now than ever

 For his time is coming to a close to rule this world forever

 You have a way out of pain -run to your precious Savior

 Be filled with His power to help you overcome addictive behavior


There's demonic forces that are in control these days

From drug abuse and alcohol and eating disorders that take

The very soul of their victims to lie and steal and negotiate

 Hoping in the end their life will never again be the same


This is a lie from the devil and I beg you to see

Jesus loves you and wants you to have life more abundantly

 Please open up your heart and let Him occupy

 For the devil wants to kill you with all his deceit and lies


There's even cutting of one's own body to try to escape

The pain and agony caused by hurt they can't forget

They think it is a power that allows them to be in control

When all actuality it is the forces trying to steal their soul


The devil has an agenda and an army of dark soldiers

Stealing,killing and robbing the life of youth to not get older

 God is longing to bring up an army of His own

Pouring out His spirit to manifest in daughters and sons


If you have an addiction that has control of your life

I ask you to take to heart that Jesus wants to remove

 All pain and strife that's in your life for He cares for you

Only a phone call away there's a church to pray and deliver too


Take a stand for something or you'll stand for nothing

 Your life is precious ,you have a purpose-and God's calling

 All God's children are precious if you call on Him-He won't deny

Please say a prayer to be delivered from all your pain and strife



Lovingly In Christ; Pastor Linda Begley Feb. 28, 2008