A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

A picture paints a thousand words
Out of the heart comes what you've seen and heard
If you think it matters not what you see
Then look at the corruption caused by pornography
The word says ;as a man speaketh so is he
This proves it is important to take heed
What goes into your ear gates and eye gates to see
Will create the issues of life and your destiny
Any  word spoken begins with a thought
So whatever you meditate on words are brought
Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
We must guard our heart for our soul to keep
For life and or death is in the tongue
Words are seeds and you'll reap every one
Therefore plant God's Word seed to grow
Let it guide you in every circumstance to know
That the devil is a liar and wants to steal
But there's life with God,His word reveals
It will renew your mind if you feed on it
Bringing life to your guide the Holy Spirit
The word helps weed out negative talk
It helps guide us into God's purpose filled walk
We are the prophets of our own life to come
Choose life by guarding and guiding your tongue
Along with what you put your eyes upon
For all around there's subliminal given
That can effect your thought life galore
Remember a picture paints a thousand words
By ; Pastor Linda Begley