God Bless And Keep

You Nick in His Tender

Loving care!!


Photobucket Dedicated To Nick Vujicic


While watching a christian talk show

A miracle of God's love began to unfold

This young man appeared with no limbs

 He said; "We shouldn't compare sufferings

' Photobucket

The joy of the Lord was overflowing

His heart was pure with knowing

 He had a purpose in life all along

The anointing of Jesus was so strong


His testimony was giving God the Glory

As he also honored his parents' in his story

 A health nurse was his Mom and a Pastor was his Dad

Questions still remained... for months they were sad Photobucket

Yet their young son would use what he had

 No doubt growing up he had a tough path

This young man today is absolutely amazing

 Giving glory to God while others are complaining Photobucket

What an inspiration touching the depth of my soul

 My heart was so touched as his story would unfold

The true meaning of appreciation

 Is to give God the glory without expectation


Going through life this man has truly overcome

 For in heaven God will surely say to him;"My child well done"

My prayer today that all will read this and be inspired

By this young man without limbs that continues to press forward Photobucket

May God bless you Nick, my brother in Christ!

 For more inspiration, please visit his site,

 He will truly inspire your life as he did mine. Photobucket

www.lifewithoutlimbs.org also http://www.inspiring-quotes-and-stories.com/nick-vujicic.html By;Pastor Linda Begley April 7,2008 Photobucket

 Precious Heavenly Father,

Let us each and everyone see through the life of this brave soul that there is nothing impossible with you and when we have pain in our limbs let Nick's story remind us to be thankful to have limbs to feel. God bless this precious saint abundantly and let all the lives that he crosses their path be changed to not make excuses but to press forward. In Jesus name I pray...amen