"THE WORD" Pt. 2

Hello Friends,
 I am back sharing pt.2 of my message"The Word" became flesh.As God spoke the heavens and earth into existence by the Word,for Jesus was then the Word He used to do so.THEN...the word became flesh and walked among us.We know that Jesus said He would not leave nor forsake us for He was sending the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us when we become born again.This "Born Again" is a ongoing process,however God quickens some much faster and I can only believe that is because the more ernest and more diligent a person is to feed on God's word the faster the renewing of His mind and the quicker the fleshly man is put to death.For we are to be dead in Christ,and it is through Him that we live and not act or think as the world does.Many claim to be christians but the word says ye shall know them by the fruit they bear and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore if you truly are born again you are seeking the things and doing them which please God. Things of this world are mainly secular which is an abomination to God.To be a christian is to be Christlike. Jesus is the head and the christian is the church/ body of Christ. The hands and feet and His love and heart on earth to speak in line with His word and be doers of His word,not hearers only.His word is to edify,exhort,that all will know the Will and purpose that is pleasing unto God.In essence the bible is our manual. Ephesians is the guideline for the church that they can know the perfect will of God and the conduct of those that are the body of Christ which is the church ,each person individually has a part in the body,All members are vital. The word of God is to be taught in both Truth and Love. Many are searching out teachers that will just tickle their ears making God's grace and mercy a ticket for sin. This is not pleasing to God. He says to preach the Word with boldness that it will save people from the pit of hell.
I'll leave you with this and also to meditate on the book of Ephesians for this study.
I Pray God's word will renew your minds and hearts to His desire and purpose for the church.
 Until next time....
May you walk in the spirit of truth.
 In Jesus name I pray...amen and amen

Lovingly In Christ; Pastor Linda Begley