Trusting In You To Save Their Souls

Photobucket   Dear Father in heaven; This poem is a prayer to you

Lifting up my children and grandchildren too

 My heart is heavy and burdened down

Waiting for all their hearts to come around Photobucket

 I pray and ask that they might hear

The news of end times are drawing near

 Father God , I long to see all their faces

 Over yonder in your heavenly places Photobucket

I pray for over them a hedge of protection

 And plead the blood of Jesus for their salvation

The devil is busy trying to destroy them

 Robbing them of all blessings deep within Photobucket

 I pray and know that my prayers you hear

 For Mama's prayers to you are so dear

You've bottled all the tears that we cry

And some sweet day you will dry our eyes Photobucket

 I pray until then in faith we'll grab ahold

To the promise that your word won't return void

Giving us peace like a river to flow

Putting our trust in you to save their souls Photobucket

 Before I could share these words above

The Holy Spirit ministered to me in love

Reminding me that He will finish what He starts

His works are in the process of renewing their hearts Photobucket

That I shouldn't listen to the lies of the devil

 To only walk in faith not by sight in the natural

 For it is written none will pluck them from His hand

Tis the inheritance of His servants in His Will and plan Photobucket

 This promise is passed down from generations

 Ye need only trust in total fulfillment of salvation

For both your children and children's children

This promise to His faithful servants is given Photobucket

So do not be discouraged or in dispair

 For the Lord your God hears every prayer

Hold steadfast to these promises given you

Laugh in the face of the devil whose words are untrue!

Hallelujah!! Thank-you Holy Spirit for this word of knowledge.I pray it will encourage and lift up other Mama's and Gramma's out there. I give you praise ,honor and glory forever and ever! Amen and Amen


 By ; Pastor Linda Begley 6-25-08


Promises of God for our children and grandchildren

Psalm 103:17 17. But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children;

psalm 72:4 - psalm 90 :16-psalm 102:28- psalm 115:13-14 - psalm 127:3-5 Isa. 60 :4 - Isa. 49:17,25-26 - Isa. 54:13