Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

I love you so much!

   ~I Wanna Dance With Jesus~


The Lord and Savior of my soul

I wanna dance with my Jesus

He's the one that made me whole

When my time on earth is through

I wanna dance with my Jesus

As His bride I'll be brand new

Oh what joy my heart will sing

When upon his face gladness brings

 A heavenly choir of angelic beings

The music will be so very serene

As I look into the face of my King

I'll praise and worship and honor Him

Oh Lord of my life it's you I adore

As I glide across the heavenly floor

 Burdens are lifted now and forever more

 You're in my thoughts every day

The love I feel can't be taken away

For you remove all doubt and dismay

You're my peace I have inside

Your Holy Spirit now doth guide

 My every step He's by my side

Until I join my bridegroom on high

I'll keep my eyes opened wide

Longing to dance as Jesus' bride


 Lovingly In Christ; Pastor Linda Begley