Hung By The Tongue

Hung by the tongue
Is more less warned by the SON
I'm gonna grasp the power of words
A revelation from todays powerful bible lesson
It's been  hard to speak the opposite of how I feel
Yet positive thoughts and words I must speak
For "By his stripes I am Healed"
Doctors reports seem to have bound me up
Slowly being brain washed in this medical process
This is satans plan,to steal,kill and destroy
I choose to claim victory by the blood of the lamb
In Jesus Christ,My Savior and LORD
I pray strength and health into this body of mine
I pray to no longer be hung by my tongue
Loosen these chains Lord that I might be free
From all life altering infirmities
Jesus said; you have not cause you ask not
I am asking all friends and family
To be in total agreement with me
"By his stripes we are Healed"
May this poem help others with infirmities
I Praise you Jesus for shedding your blood
That I might have Total Victory!!
In the past I haven't been to smart
Satan attacked my body,
For he knew Jesus had my heart
Well today I say...satan isn't so smart
For I am a child of God
That has had a revelation!!
 Copyright May 27,2005
By;Linda Begley