Our Words are seeds too

What word seed have you

created today?

I pray it was LOVE :-)

The Wonder Of Your Creation
Precious Lord I sit here in meditation
Of all the wonder of your creation
An array of butterflies flutter by
Different colours that catch my eye
Flocks of birds fill the trees
Hummingbirds coming close to feed
A beautiful bluejay prances around
A while in the tree then on the ground
The sky is so blue no clouds in sight
The wind softly blows to my delight
My roses are blooming once again
A special gift from my creator and friend
I still have lillies and hostas galore
My ongoing petunias multiply more
The fish are swimming in my angel pond
My lovely Mimosa tree shades the lawn
This beautiful live painting is from you
I want to praise you Lord for all you do
My heart is in splendor to see the beauty
It's an honor to keep and attend to it truly
My very own garden of eden I see
All the rose of sharon attracts the bees
A fortress of love with help from up above
My latest guest were two morning doves
Oh the wonders that you lovingly share
So much eye candy I stop and stare
What an awesome God I serve
More blessings than I even deserve
My Precious Lord it's dedicated to you
For without your seed I couldn't pursue
Planting and pruning with such care
While secretly your presence is there
Psalm 9:1   I Will  praise thee O Lord,
with my whole heart; I will shew forth all
thy marvelous works.
By; Pastor  Linda  Begley