~*~ Yom  HaBikkurim ~*~

1,980 years ago yesterday (Shabbat, just before sundown) Yahshua arose from the dead and is alive forevermore!


Yes, today is the 1,980th anniversary of the Messiah, acting as the High Priest (after the order of the Meleck Tzadik), presented the Firstfruits from the grave as the wave offering before the Father's throne in heaven. These resurrected saints were raised from the dead soon after Yahshua's resurrection (Mt 27:52-53). They walked out their graves, clothed with an incorruptible body. At that same moment the Firstfruits of the barley were being harvested by the priests in a nearby field on the Mount of Olives.


What a spectacle it must have been for the faithful Israelites who were in attendance at the Firstfruit harvest. They were there to see the fulfillment of the very rehearsal in which they were participating!  It is not surprising that we read in the early chapters of the book of Acts, that. . . "a great company of Cohanim (priests) were obedient to the faith." (Acts 6:7)


Today, on the day of Firstfruits, (Sunday, April 27th) we begin the prophetic countdown to Shavuot. Each year, we count the seven Sabbaths that lead us to the 50th day which is the one day Feast of Shavuot - misnamed "Pentecost" by the Greeks. The 50th day was the day that the Jewish Apostles were "all in one accord, in one place" when they were filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Apostles were obedient to the Torah Command to "count the omer" (a measure of the Firstfruits of the barley crop). The day after seven Sabbaths, we are required to have a "kadosh mikra" or holy assembly of saints at which we celebrate the goodness and blessings of our Creator. Hebrew 10:25 states, "do not forsake the assembly or yourselves together, as the manner of some (the clueless) is. . ." This statement is directly referring to the commanded assemblies of Yahweh.


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